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Pharma TTS

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The solutions considering the growing demand of individualisation- and coding claims lie in precision:

With tailor-made feeders you are able to integrate the coding of folding boxes according the national standards also for small batches into your production line.
Our coding systems can be simply and easily be set and adjusted. Also small quantities can be coded quickly and integrated securely into the packaging process.
Insufficient print will be sorted out and reprinted automatically. Reliability that pays ! The print is made by quality print heads, the print check is made by high performance cameras. Both components will be chosen according to your requirements to guarantee the integration in the existing system.

Industrial sector

  • pharmacy industry
  • chemical industry
  • food industry
  • sanitation
  • cosmetics
  • wrapping in general

Advantages at a glance

  • compact, flexible unit, easy to integrate
  • precise separating, counting and feeding
  • minimal change over time, easy handling
  • intuitive handling and user interface
  • freely selectable quantity for product counts
  • infinitely adjustment, scales
  • latest SPS
  • high quality machine concept
  • precise positioning of the products to be labelled
  • low maintenance design optional with: camera system, ejection unit, conveyor stacker and Autoloader

Technical Machine Equipment

  • automatic feeding up to 2 mm product height – other heights on request
  • maximal cycles 120/min (product dependent)
  • minimal product length 55 mm
  • maximal product length 220 mm
  • minimal product width 80 mm
  • maximal product width 350 mm


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